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Get the adoption process starting by filling out our online application. Please complete all fields to the best of your ability. The more information you provide the smoother the process! Please allow 3-5 days for our team to respond to your application.

Important: You cannot save the application or return later to complete it. If you navigate away from this page your application information will be lost. If you would like to fill out an application manually, you can download it here and email a copy of the completed application to

Are you employed?
Are you seeking to foster or adopt?
Is your yard fenced?
Would you fence all or part of your yard as a condition of adoption?

Are you willing and able to modify your daily schedule to accommodate a Malinois' needs, such as going outdoors into a fenced area or walking on a leash to perform bodily functions at least four times daily?

Are you aware of the importance of keeping a Malinois on leash or in a fenced area?

Malinois are social, pack animals that need to live in close companionship with their family and pack. While moderate time may be spent in an adequate outdoor kennel and dog house they cannot be kept outside exclusively and never chained. Do you agree to these conditions?

Is there a local ordinance in your area pertaining to owning/housing an animal (i.e. leash laws, required vaccinations, dog licenses, etc.)

Are you willing to keep a collar with a tag bearing your name, address, phone number, etc. on your Malinois at all times?

If for any reason, you are unable to keep your Malinois, will you agree to return it to the person from whom you adopted?

Are you willing and able to accept full care, costs, and necessary burdens and responsibility of owning a pet?

How many dogs have you owned in the past ten years?

Have you ever bred or raised dogs?

Have you ever participated in dog shows?
Have you ever trained a dog before?
Are you familiar with crate training?
If no, would you be willing to learn more about it and consider the user of a crate (portable cage) as a training and transitional aid?
Do you currently have a veterinarian or had one for animals you've owned in the past?

In addition to regular life at home, would your Malinois:

Walk routinely with a family member?
Compete in obedience trials?
Go to obedience classes?
Go to your place of business with you?
Travel with you?
Be a playmate or pet for your children?

Please list two personal references that you have known for more than two years that are not relatives:

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