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To be considered, each prospective adopting family must complete an application, participate in an interview and pass a home and background check. Any children in the home must be over the age of 12 years old. You must be at least 25 years of age.

Experience with working dog breeds is preferred. Adopting families without working dog experience are reviewed on a case by case basis. Specific training requirements include completing a minimum of three training sessions with a professional trainer upon adoption and completing basic obedience within the first six months. Additional training sessions with a professional trainer/behaviorist may be a condition of adoption depending on the dog’s nature and adopting family experience. 

Successful applicants will be matched with a dog that fits their family circumstances. 

An adoption agreement will be provided to the family for signature prior to the dog's journey to you. If at any time during the dog’s life the family is unable to care for the dog, the dog will be immediately returned to the Malinois Rescue League.

Adoption fees can be up to $2000 USD all in, depending on transport, travel crate and training costs, and will be collected before adoption day. 

The adopting family will meet their new family member in the relevant foster home or arrival port, and arrange transport for the final journey home. 


Adoption process


Applicant reviews adoption requirements and submits application


Applicant interviews with MRL. Background check is completed.


Applicant cleared for home check


Background checks performed by MRL


Home check conducted in person or via live video.


MRL matches a dog with applicant that best fits their needs.


Family is notified of match. Background on dog is provided.


Adoption agreement is executed and adoption fees submitted.


MRL coordinates transport & arrival logistics with family.


Meet and greets occur for dogs being fostered in the USA.


Dog and family make final journey to homeport dog's location in USA.


Dog and family have the best life ever!!!

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