Saving Belgian Malinois

At Malinois Rescue League, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for Belgian Malinois.

We rescue as many Malinois' and working dogs as we can, finding them homes in the USA and Canada.

Our Story

What started off as a group of people  from all walks of life, became a cause that rallied people together to help bring Malinois meat trade survivors from China to the USA and UK. 


To now becoming the Malinois Rescue League non profit organization. The MRL has an amazing group of volunteers who dedicate so much time and effort into spreading the word and opening their hearts up to rescues. 


This grassroots movement became what it is today through the mutual love, adoration, and respect for the Malinois breed. Strangers came together to make such a difference because they each recognized the Malinois for its beauty, it’s strength, it’s love for its humans, and equally it’s grace and goofiness. 


Our story just goes to show that we can make a difference, little by little, and the world is still promising not only for us but for our pups too. 

Our Mission

Malinois Rescue League is a non-profit dedicated to saving Belgian Malinois around the world from cruelty, abuse, and slaughter. Our mission is to globally impact this problem and do what we can to help this breed. To do this, we aim to spread awareness, knowledge, and seek to preserve the dog's title as man’s best friend. 

"Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.”

Agnes Sligh Turnbull

Where we're from...

Malinois Rescue League's dogs are from all over the globe. We have expanded our focus over time to include dogs rescued from China, Morocco, and Dubai, as well as from within the United States.

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